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Laura B. Whitmore’s Columns on Women in Music


September 2015: What Women Want (When They Visit a Music Retailer That Is!)

January 2016: 10 Reasons Not to Miss the She Rocks Awards
December 2015: How to Respond to Sexism in the Music Industry
November 2015: Confessions of a Music Industry Feminist
October 2015: Too Pretty to Play Guitar?
September 2015: We’ve Got This
August 2015: 7 Invaluable Tips for Moms in the Music Biz
July 2015: What Are We So Afraid Of?
June 2015: What Can YOU Do To Encourage More Female Musicians?
May 2015: The Power of Nice
April 2015: Ladies, Just Ask
March 2015: A Woman in her 50s in the Music Biz
February 2015: A Trade Show from a Female Perspective
January 2015: She Rocks. We Rock.

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Kaki King ‘The Neck is a Bridge to the Body’ Video Interview
Sweet Acoustic Gear for Your Valentine
International Guitar Night’s Fiery Acoustic Extravaganza – Show Review
12 PR Tips for Musicians, Music Companies and Just About Everyone!
Show Review: Tommy Emmanuel at BB King’s Blues Club
12 Brilliant Acoustic Guitars for Under $500
Capo Basics


Keith Emerson

Hundreds of artist interviews and editorial:

Keith Emerson
Herbie Hancock
Paul Gilbert
Jared Scharff (Saturday Night Live)
Scott Rockenfeld of Queensryche
Michael Bishop
Joel Kosche of Collective Soul
Sharon Isbin
Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria)
and many more…

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Interviews for Taylor Guitars “Step Forward” Campaign



Hundreds of product-focused articles and product descriptions:

– Is It Time to Upgrade Your Acoustic Guitar?
– 9 Great Guitar Accessories You Should Try
– Tuning Tips for Banjo, Ukelele, Fiddle and Mandolin
– Do Try This at Home: Get Your Soft Synths Out of the Box!
– PX5D: Record Right Now!
– Taper Tips
– Pro Tools for Music Educators
– Virtual Pianos Offer Real Recording Solutions
– Sample Your World

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The Women’s Music Summit: Why We Need One!
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Guitar Center Respects The Ladies
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Exposed: 10 Female Guitarists You Should Know
Girls Rock Camp: All Play, No Hassle
Interview: Bridgid Bibbens
– Interview with Kristen Capolino
– Interview with Anita Robinson from Viva Voce
– Guitar Girl’d: How does Dolly Parton play with those long fingernails?
– Interview with Mamie Minch, Blues Guitarist and Technician at RetroFret
– The Guitar Girl’d Top 10 Hot Male Guitar Players
Interview with Katrina Johansson
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