Calabasas, CA , January 20, 2016 – J Design is proud to announce the Add-a-Baffle™, an innovative adapter that allows players to switch speaker sizes in the same speaker cabinet. The product line is marketed and distributed by Gear Collector, a new, innovative sales and marketing platform for specialized and limited edition products.

The Add-a-Baffle allows guitarists and bassists to swap speaker sizes utilizing a single cabinet, greatly expanding the tonal breadth of the cabinet. The system comes with the wood components, hardware and instructions for easy installation. For example, a 12” speaker is swapped with a 10” speaker easily and quickly, mounting to the cabinet’s existing baffle.  Kits are available in several sizes, to convert from a 15” speaker to  12”, from 12” to 10”, and 10” to 8”. This unique and innovative concept was designed by J Design founder and owner, Jeff Earl.

“I have been building custom, boutique cabinets for years, and have built all of the cabinets for Fargen Amps. I challenged myself to come up with a way to switch between speakers in some of the cabinets that I love, and the result is Add-a-Baffle,” said Earl.

He focused on tone projection, versatility and ease of use when designing the Add-A-Baffle speaker adapter. “At first, I was very interested in finding out how other speaker sizes and voicings would react with each other when used within the same environment. I built the adapter to test many speakers in the cabinets I was designing and building. It really helped me think outside of the box, so to speak, when designing my speaker cabinet line back in 1999-2000,” says Earl. “It was just then – one of those great ‘ah-ha’ moments – when I realized this adapter could be used by so many players, sound engineers, studio owners, and music stores to demo different speakers quickly. This is a great tool for every player, from beginner to professional to have on hand.”

“This is an outrageously simple yet useful product that all guitarists and bass players can use.  And the price is right, to make this accessible to everyone,” said Marc Reiser, co-founder of Gear Collector. J Design has partnered with marketing and sales platform Gear Collector to bring its unique products to boutique and selective buyers via their site

“It took years of Earl’s experience in working with tone, and his knowledge and experimentation of acoustics to invent this. It wasn’t just a matter of cutting some wood and making the adapter fit … it is all about the science of acoustics and an ear for tone,” said Reiser “This product is consistent with the quality of all of Jeff’s work that boutique players like myself have enjoyed over the last several years.”

The Add-a-Baffle adapter sets are currently available at, in the J Design space. See and share this video of the Add-a-Baffle in action at

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About Gear Collector

Rich Abronson and Marc Reiser founded Gear Collector, Inc. in December 2015, to bring together boutique builders and MI companies with players and artists. They are gathering some of the best in the boutique business, to tell their stories and to build the conversation within the boutique community. Gear Collector prides itself as the first to provide the boutique space with much needed branding and marketing strategy and expertise, helping to grow their businesses. Rich and Marc have been playing, gigging, collecting and working in the MI space for a combined 65 years.

About J Design

Jeff Earl founded J Design Speaker Enclosures, and has been building boutique-quality speaker cabinets and ISO-cabs since 1999. He also builds amplifier cabinets for such high-end manufacturers as Fargen Amps. Jeff prides himself in building high-quality, great sounding cabs that are durable enough to take on the road.