MusicFirst, the New York City-based company offering teachers and students a cloud-based collaborative music education system, steadily extended its lead in cloud-based music education with strong fiscal year 2015 sales.

After two years of building its unique combination of music software, learning management system and assessment tools, MusicFirst has now recruited more than 380 U.S. school districts. This has resulted in more than 200,000 individuals already subscribing to its MusicFirst Online Classroom (MFOC).

“With more than 11,000 school districts yet to be approached, and 50 million potential subscribers in North America, MusicFirst is poised for exponential growth in 2016,” said Tomas Wise, CEO of Music Sales Inc., the parent company of MusicFirst.

Sales have increased a strong 400% over last year with revenue 44% over budget this year. MusicFirst is now the single largest cloud-based learning platform dedicated to music education worldwide.

MusicFirst is also expanding its offering. Director Dr. Jim Frankel reports that following the August launch of its online practice and assessment tool for students and teachers called PracticeFirst, the company has signed up a number of the other most important educational publishers, such as Music Sales, Macie Publications, Kjos, Kendor, and more, to supply a rich variety of music content for practice use and assessment.

“PracticeFirst has really taken off since we launched it this past summer. We feel very strongly that music educators were looking for a product just like it, and we are thrilled with the initial response. Bringing affordable, accessible and robust software tools and resources to music teachers and their students is exactly what MusicFirst is all about,” said Frankel.

MusicFirst’s success comes from a standing start in a new sector. In an independent study commissioned by MusicFirst titled “Music Education, Orchestras, and Technology,” Dr. Rick Dammers of Rowan University observes that “initial data is promising, indicating that MusicFirst is an intuitive and engaging learning platform for students and is highly valued by teachers.”

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